Confused? What To Buy From KOOVS – End Of Season Sale? Here are 20 Products Under Rs.1000/-

Hey guys,

Wassup? I am so enjoying this End of Season Sale which is all around, especially when I got a notification from one of my favorite sites, any guesses? It’s KOOVS , yeah you all know how much I love this online shopping site, So when I saw that they have an amazing End of Season Sale going on, I got excited to shop and also thought to do a Blog post on it. You know why I like this site the most because it’s really easy to get the products exchanged and returned. I have chosen 20 amazing and really cool products, all under 1000/-, isn’t it a good deal? So scroll down and see all the products (to shop these just click on the images and you will be headed to the specific product).

  1.  All Over Stripes Patch Top – Rs.1,299  Rs.909IMG_0390
  2. Rib Stripe Side Split Midi Dress – Rs.1,495 Rs.972IMG_0385
  3. Contrast Strap Double Tiered Crop Top – Rs.1,295 Rs.842


  4. High Waist Pleat Front Trousers – Rs.1,295 Rs.777


  5. Textured Grown On Sleeve Slouch Sweatshirt – Rs.1,295 Rs.777


  6. Star Applique Mini Skirt – Rs.1,295 Rs.842


  7. Fries Print Tunic Top – Rs.1,495 Rs.897


  8. Printed Strappy Midi Dress – Rs.1,895 Rs.948


  9. Pom Pom Mid Rise Boyfriend Jeans – Rs.1,895 Rs.985


  10. Sequin Pocket Dungree Dress – Rs.1,895 Rs.948


  11. Letter Print Bikini Top – Rs.1,211 Rs.690


  12. Mesh Plunge Neck Peplum Top – Rs.1,295 Rs.842


  13. Can Print T-Shirt – Rs.1,299 Rs.909IMG_0389

  14. Trainers With Contrast Panel – Rs.1,699 Rs.888

  15. Sling Bag – Rs.1,700 Rs.902IMG_0393

  16. Statement Belt – Rs.799 Rs.459IMG_0378

  17. Mid Calf Lace Up Gladiators – Rs.1,695 Rs.886IMG_0382

  18. Suede Slip On Shoes – Rs.1,695 Rs.837IMG_0381

  19. Babe Choker – Rs.649 Rs.401IMG_0392

  20. Earrings – Rs.599 Rs.370IMG_0394

That’s it for the day; I hope this was helpful to all the shopaholics right there. You can add me on instagram – @allstyletalk for all the updates and ootd’s.




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