Trendy Street Style!


Hello Fashion lovers,

I hope all of you are doing fantastic and you liked my first blog, Say hello to BoHo. Let me share something with you all – Honestly, I never knew that shooting and blogging can be this much fun, but thanks to you guys, because you all encouraged me for doing this. I know you all are excited to know about today’s blog! Okay then let’s get started –

Today’s blog is all about street style look with the combinations of black, blue, and pink. As a combination of black and blue is very often, and commands attention, which is why it is best to add some vibrant colour with this combination to give the flawless street look and for the same I added hot pink to this combo with the cute black bow and black rabbit shoes to enhance the look. Personally I love street style, as it features both a modern and chic look. So try this cool combination and don’t forget to tag me.

Enjoy the pictures. XoXo



Tokyo Top: Forever21 

Hot Pink Top: Forever21

Shorts: Forever21

Bow: Claires 

Cat Bag: KOOVS

Shoes: @aureat.nk (Instagram)



Pictures by:  Mohit Daryani.


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